Rare Songs

The newsgroup for discussing Oingo Boingo
Amphagori's obsession
A page about Danny and Richard Elfman
Beyond Insanity
A nice Boingo page with an extensive gallery.
BoingoBaby's Boingo mailing list
For discussing Boingo
Charlie Unkeless's page.
The lighting designer for lots of Boingo concerts.
The Dan-man fanpage (T'sy'f ~pl's Elfman page)
In English and Swedish
Danny Elfman FAQ
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Danny Elfman.
Danny Elfman Page
With lots of soundtrack info
The Discography listing all of the boingo related records/CD's out there.
A Yahoo club for Danny Elfman fans
Film Score Monthly
A great magazine on movie soundtracks
Fool's Paradise
General page, with lots of good stuff
From Mystic Knights To Hollywood Lights
A year by year archive of Oingo Boingo nostalgia including a huge TV appearance page and more...
John Emmett's page
John Emmett's experience with Oingo Boingo.
Louis Wain site
The EP kitty artist
Music for a Darkened People
A page with lots of Elfman, Burton, and Raimi stuff
Nicky Matthews' Danny Elfman Temple
This might be the first Danny Elfman Temple on the Web. This sight also contains Oingo Boingo, Movie Commentaries, and Halloween-related stuff.
The Oingo Boingo Electronic Newsletter
Oingo Boingo FAQ
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Boingo.
Oingo Boingo Tattoos
Check out the Boingo tats...
PsychoBomb's! Oingo Boingo WebSite!
A crazy boingo fan's website, it's got stuff on boingo, the mystic knights, etc...
Rampant Boingophrenia
Includes a Boingo radio and a newsletter
The newsgroup for discussing Danny Elfman
Richard Elfman page
The official Richard Elfman page
The Sixth Dimension's Oingo Boingo Site
Your basic Oingo Boingo page, with some images, lyrics, quotables, and good links
The World of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman
A site devoted to both Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. Includes rare pictures, little known facts, and the largest collection of Nightmare Before Christmas fanfiction online.
Zokosky's page
Zokosky is the artist who did the Dark at the End of the Tunnel cover