Where Do All My Friends Go?

When lightning strikes and we are sleeping
When everyone around is dreaming
When children aren't children no more
When parents aren't behind the door
When football's over and the beer's gone
When T.V. set no longer turns on
(Tell me where my friends go)

If I could float and drift forever
I'd join the shattered dreams together
I'd spy upon the disbelievers
And scatter them into the seasons
When winter comes I'd keep on moving
To fill the cup of understanding
I'd fly...to hidden places in the sky
(Tell me where my friends go)

My hesitation - is strong today
The indications - all point away
To something better - for everyone
Has something gone astray

I'll follow you until I die
With outstretched arms into the sky
when all is aid and come undone
The words will come, the words will come
We'll chase the ghosts into the shadows
The spectres watch through every window
We'll run like dogs and jump the fences
And howl at men behind their faces
We'll bark at night and wake the neighbors
And tell the world of our adventures
(Tell me where my friends go)


My revelations - have lost control
My better judgement - has gone away
Our evolution is full of holes
Has something gone astray
(Tell me where our friends go)